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Divine Child resin statue cm. 52

  • height 52 cm.
  • in empty resin
  • hand painted with acrylic colors
  • made in Italy


Statuettes of Divine Child

Handmade and hand painted in Italy. They are in resin and ideal to be showed both in indoor (such as shelves, nightstands, desks and other furnishings) and outdoor (niches, balconies, windowsill, gardens). The statuette of the Divine Child is also available in different models with height starting from 30 cm. the whole catalogue is available below. 

109,80 €

  • 6 kg
  • Available
  • HAND MADE statue realized against order - Delivery in 2/3 weeks1

Other Statuettes of Divine Child

Below you can find the whole catalogue which shows all the sculptures dedicated to the Divine Child, starting from the statuettes of 30 cm up to the statue of 104 cm. Every sculpture is handmade and hand painted in Italy. Click on each models to see features and prices.

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Divine Child statue cm. 52
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