Bonizzoni is the first online shop which offers the selling of religious statues made in Italy. Tradition and mastery are melded in every products by animating exclusive holy artwork. The manufacturing allows to get best prices possible. Moreover the production against order ensures the purchasing and the delivery of a fresh product.


Above 1.600 religious statues available in the catalogue which allow to have a wide range of products, also for every single item which is offered in different colors and models: in resin, in fiberglass, with colored eyes or glass eyes. The hand manufacturing allows also to make customization upon request.


Made in Italy. Every statue in the catalogue is exclusively made in Italy. Sculptors and decorators make with their hands every single item.


Since 1998, at Caravaggio (Bergamo), by Santuario of Virgin Mary (well known as SANTUARIO DI CARAVAGGIO), our experience started. This extraordinary frame embraced and grown us. In order to pay tribute to this holy place, we realized a little introduction and guide which spreads the knowledge of this extraordinary Santuario.


In Italy we are known for (translated means everywhere protect me), where the catalog is always being updated, come visit us! We ship all over the world